Genesis 1:26 — God said to each other, ‘Let us save man.’

Charles Spurgeon: The parallels between the creation of the world and the regeneration of sinners run deep, with dead and formless material taking on life as the triune God speaks over it and breathes into it. Not only was there a team behind the work of creation, the same wonderful unity is seen in God’s work of salvation.

Genesis 22:1-6 — Dead, figuratively speaking.

gospelthread: Two fathers prepare their sons as offerings; Abraham’s would be spared, but the son of God would not.

Genesis 22:7-14 — Calvary: the dress rehearsal.

gospelthread: The lie of Abraham was, in fact, a prophetic truth at the heart of redemption: God will provide for himself the Lamb.

Genesis 39:1-23 — In praise of lost jackets.

gospelthread: When God strips us naked, he isn’t tailoring our old clothes, he’s tailoring us. Jesus is showing us over and over that he pours out blessing and power not by removing us from weakness and loss, but in and through weakness and loss.