Introduction — The Docudrama Gospel

gospelthread: Perhaps more than any other gospel writer, Mark strings together multiple events in conjunction, often three to five passages in a row, and invites readers to “connect the dots” to better understand the grace of God in the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus.

Mark 1:1-8 — Cut to the chase

gospelthread: Jesus was sent into the wilderness of God’s wrath so that we who were destined for an eternity in that wilderness could be brought into the center, redeemed and filled with God’s presence.

Mark 1:9-11 — This time, from the top

gospelthread: Jesus is the new and better Adam, who received the Spirit of God and lived the perfect life that God requires from us.

Mark 2:1-12 — Roof-ripping friends

gospelthread: Jesus’ announcement of forgiveness was not to those with supposedly perfect faith. He came for the lowly, the sinners who have nothing to stand on.

Mark 11:12-14 — A treeful of loincloths

gospelthread: “May no one ever eat fruit from you again” means Jesus was going to conquer sin, burn the loincloths, and clothe people in his own righteousness.

Mark 11:15-19 — Everything must go

gospelthread: With one perfect purchase, Jesus shed his blood on the cross and redeemed all of our failures, squaring with God for our sin.

Mark 14:22-25 — A reminder in your mouth

gospelthread: The lesson of the Last Supper is that we have to take Jesus in as our Passover lamb before we see him as our king.