Isaiah 9:1-7 — The baby is God.

gospelthread: We might be inclined to read biblical promises and think we have to work for them, but in the midst of a prophetic book on covenantal relationship, this is a gift given by the zeal of the Lord. He gives himself to rescue his children.

Isaiah 45:22 — Idols on display.

Charles Spurgeon: “Where are (the gods of the heathen) now? Are they so much as known? Where are those false deities before whom the multitudes of Nineveh prostrated themselves? They are cast down from their thrones; they are hurled from their pedestals; their chariots are broken, their sceptres are burnt in the fire, their glories are departed; God hath gotten unto himself the victory over false gods, and taught their worshippers that he is God, and that beside him there is none else.”