The two of us (Sam and Tom) are constantly at the front of gospelthread. But behind the scenes this year, dozens of people poured out their time, talent and finances to help give this ministry a running start.

For your generosity, we are hugely grateful. Each one of you has a stake in reaching people with the gospel through our content and technology in the years to come. We are truly grateful to call this “our ministry,” with all of you included.

Here’s to a great year and a great Savior who has brought us together to work in his kingdom.


Chris Harrell & boys

Dorinda Pfingsten & kids


Wes Van Fleet

Phil Chiles

Mike Neglia

Kimm Crandall

Jonathan Shradar

Expert Advisers & Volunteers

Joel Parker

Karen Sloat

Ron Mitchell

Alex Boren

Jason Bolt

Frankie O’Rourke

Ron Johnson

Steve McDade

Nate Apffel

Steve Adams

Dick Leonard


Steve & Peggy Pfingsten

Steve Adams

Harry Ekdahl

Ron & Jeanette Mitchell

Members of the Missions Ministry Team at Carlsbad Community Church