Charles Spurgeon, from “Sovereignty and Salvation.”

Text: Isaiah 45:22 — “Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.”

We hate the simplicity of the gospel because of what it says about us, because of the position it puts us in before God, and because—particularly acute for those with any wealth, success or status—it levels the playing field.


We say again, how (the gospel) humbles a man! There is a gentleman who says, “Well, if it had been a thousand (dollars) that would have saved me, I would have thought nothing of it.” But your gold and silver is cankered; it is good for nothing. “Then, am I to be saved just the same as my servant Betty?” Yes, just the same; there is no other way of salvation for you.

The wise man says, “If it had been to work the most wonderful problem, or to solve the greatest mystery, I would have done it. … Am I to be saved just like that ragged school boy, who can’t read his letters?” Yes, you must, or you will not be saved at all.

Another says, “I have been very moral and upright; I have observed all the laws of the land; and, if there is anything else to do, I will do it. I will eat only fish on Fridays, and keep all the fasts of the church, if that will save me.” No, sir, that will not save you; your good works are good for nothing. “What! must I be saved in the same way as a harlot or a drunkard?” Yes, sir; there is only one way of salvation for all.