At gospelthread, we’re bringing pastors and teachers together to write a commentary and build a platform that furthers gospel-centrality in the church.

To cover the entire bible, we’ll need 3,500 posts.

This isn’t going to happen without you.

Sometimes all I can do is laugh.

We’re a bunch of junkies for that “aha” moment when God reveals himself through the gospel in the bible. When our team gets together and someone unpacks a passage in the beautiful, unmistakable light of Jesus—I can’t help it. I would have been grinning all the way to Emmaus.

If there was already a gospel-centered commentary on the internet, we would be reading it, and writing sermons with the app open on our phones, and giving it to our people so they too can see Jesus on every page of the bible.

But there isn’t.

Gospel-centered bible commentating is as old as the Church, but online? You’re looking at it.

What began as a repository for one pastor’s redemptive-historical sermon notes has snowballed into a vision of a platform that spans the globe; speaks not with one voice but many; and delivers uniquely powerful and helpful content that’s laser-focused on the grace of Jesus.

We have two ambitious goalposts ahead:

  • Covering the entire bible
  • Translating the commentary to reach people in countries where the gospel is currently unwelcome

If that sort of thing floats your boat, then get in here. We might not know you yet, but we want you with us.