There was an inherent hopefulness in Kimm’s decision to keep her blog in business, even while wiping it clean. She didn’t want folks to read her previous writing because she had something better to say.

And she's been saying it ever since.

Per capita, the Land of Saints and Scholars has the fewest evangelical Christians of any country in the English-speaking world. And that is where gospelthread’s newest contributor was sent to preach the gospel 11 years ago.

Meet Phil Chiles, gospelthread's first content editor and fourth contributor. "The person I want to be is one who humbly points the way to Christ and to freedom," he writes in his gospelthread debut.

The gospel makes you pray different. Makes you preach different. Makes you love different. The gospel breaks you in ways you weren’t breakable before and grows you in ways you weren’t growable before.

When we asked Wes Van Fleet what motivated him to join gospelthread, he said, “Probably the same thing that made you guys want to start it. This could be something that any believer could read. It could change lives. Any time I get a chance to share the gospel, especially from the scriptures, I’m going to take it.”

I believe we’re standing at a unique point in church history—this place where we have the most viral message in history in one hand and the most powerful distribution system in history in the other. What a blessed, intense, irresistible calling it is to be steering the editorial development of gospelthread.